The Victims’ Commissioner’s Office is currently undertaking a review relating to how victims are treated within the criminal justice system. This will be published early next year.

A Review into children’s entitlements under the Victims’ Code

The Victims’ Code was amended in December 2013 to included specific provision of entitlements for children and young people under 18 years of age.

Criminal justice agencies are required to provide the Ministry of Justice with information regarding how they will comply with the Victims’ Code, however to date there has been no specific study to investigate whether children are actually receiving their entitlements as set out in the Victims’ Code from the point of reporting a crime to the point of sentencing in court.

This review will aim to address this gap in the evidence and investigate whether children are receiving their entitlements as set out in the Victims’ Code, taking a closer look at how these entitlements are delivered and whether children are satisfied with their treatment in the criminal justice system. In turn, it is hoped that areas of good practice in provision of children’s entitlements will be identified and disseminated, as well as highlighting areas for improvement.