Are victims satisfied? Part two

On Friday 8 June, the Victims’ Commissioner published her review exploring how victim satisfaction is measured, monitored and used to improve the services that Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC) fund for victims of crime in the geographic areas that elect them.

Baroness Newlove said: “I have always placed great value on the inclusion of victims’ voices in the criminal justice system; and offering victims the opportunity to reflect on their experience with the services they have encountered is an important part of this. By asking victims for feedback, victims can share how they have been well supported, and how they and others could be better supported in the future.”

Twenty-one PCCs across England and Wales took part in this review.

From April 2018, all PCCs are required to report against specified outcomes. In other words, how services have helped victims to cope and recover from the effects of the crime they have experienced. They will also be expected to report against outputs such as the number of victims referred to their services.

As the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) sets this new reporting requirement, the VC urges PCCs to continue their activities to collect victim feedback and consider whether and how victims’ input into support service design and delivery could be enhanced.

The Victims’ Commissioner said: “While the new indicators framework will provide PCCs and the MoJ with essential information, PCCs should not lose sight of the importance of victim satisfaction-related data too; victim outcomes and victim feedback are both key components to delivering quality services that make a difference.”

You can download the report here.