Champion of Change

I have spent my working life fighting injustice. Our criminal justice system is not ensuring justice for all victims who need to be put at the centre of what they do. Poor communication, insensitive treatment, lack of respect, constantly repeating their story and harrowing experiences in the court room are part of the problem. Many victims regress following their courtroom experience. Over recent years there have been positive changes but there is more to do.

I want all victims to be treated with dignity and respect, kept informed and to get quality support services to help them cope and recover. I intend to press for national standards for services so they are good wherever a victim lives. 

My team and I will conduct ‘deep dive’ reviews of what is happening wherever there are victims’ concerns, building strong evidence to require improvement

I intend to be a powerful advocate for change.

I want stronger victim rights that are easier to access. I will work to make this a reality. 

My aim is to deliver lasting change so that victims get the justice they deserve.

“I want to use my influence and experience to make strong  recommendations and help to deliver much needed essential reforms.”


Campaigning for change

Photograph of HM Government Victims Strategy document.
The Government’s Victims Strategy,
published in 2018

My team consults victims and frontline providers as part of our focussed reviews of service areas, such as complaints handling, restorative justice and the victim personal statement. This allows us to give a voice to victims’ experiences, working with policymakers, and police and crime agencies to improve their treatment.

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