Victims’ Commissioner welcomes the latest element of the Government’s awareness campaign

The Home Office is continuing its “You Are Not Alone” campaign  aimed at raising awareness of domestic abuse during the lockdown by releasing an information pack for employers.

In the pack, which includes help and practical advice as well as images and posters, it says: “Employers can be a lifeline for those living with domestic abuse. As a manager or a colleague, you can play an important role in reassuring employees that they are not alone and there is help and support available.

“You should encourage staff to look out for one another and reassure employees that if they are facing domestic abuse, you are willing to support them.”

In response to the release of the latest element of the campaign Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales Dame Vera Baird QC said: “I welcome the government engaging employers in the task we must all share in society of keeping our eyes open and doing our best to help victims of domestic abuse.

“Even in non-Covid times it is very difficult to report domestic abuse. Its nature is to undermine confidence and convinces the victim that they will not be believed and are not valued so that speaking out is pointless. It’s obviously much worse when there is no one to speak to during lockdown.”

She went on to highlight how having a job, and going out to work, can provide victims with an escape and respite from their abuser – and can also allow them the opportunity to speak freely or seek help. None of which they have during the current restrictions.

Dame Vera continued: “It is so important that employers now, and in the future, keep their eyes and ears open for any signs that their staff may be suffering from abuse. And this information pack is an excellent resource for anyone who is concerned.”

The information pack can be accessed here.

The campaign elements, including posters, leaflets, animations, email signatures and social media images can be downloaded here.