Dame Vera has written to the Director General of the Probation Service

The Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales Dame Vera Baird QC has written to the Director General for the Probation Service setting out her ideas for reforming the Victim Contact Scheme.

Dame Vera said: “The VCS has a hugely important role in helping victims of serious sexual and violent crimes after conviction. The Probation Reform Programme offers an opportunity to review how it operates and how the service might be enhanced.”

Her proposals include: integrating the information service provided by VCS staff with local victim support services; developing a separate identity for the VCS outside of the Probation Service so as to give confidence to victims that the service is there to support them; building capacity to re-establish contact with victims who have not opted into the scheme; sharing more information with victims so that they have a better understanding of the offender journey through the sentence; and ensuring victims are helped to make informed choices throughout their own journey.

The letter can be read in full here.