Together with Baroness Newlove (Victims’ Commissioner 2013-19) and the charities ASB Help and Resolve UK, I have written to the Home Secretary calling for action in tackling a surge in reports of anti-social behaviour during lockdown. The letter also calls for the recommendations made by Baroness Newlove in her report “Living a Nightmare” in April 2019 to support victims and give them a voice to be implemented.

The effects of ongoing, persistent, distressing anti-social behaviour cannot be overstated. The feedback from victims of ASB is that all too often, they feel they are being constantly targeted by perpetrators; and yet persistently ignored by those with the power to prevent and intervene.

Victims still do not have a voice and in many parts of the country, the Community Trigger process – which is supposed to allow the public to challenge how their complaints of anti-social behaviour have been dealt with – is simply not fit for purpose.

We are calling on the Government to use this situation as an opportunity to put in places measures to combat anti-social behaviour effectively, not just in response to Covid-19, but for the future.

As well as implementing the recommendations of “Living a Nightmare”, we want to see existing Community Safety Partnerships encouraged to set up special “Nightingale taskforces” to quantify and tackle the backlog of anti-social behaviour complaints arising from lockdown.

These measures will send a message to victims that they are not being left to suffer in silence. It also sends a message to perpetrators that their behaviour will not be tolerated.

A copy of the letter can be found here.