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The Victims' Commissioner has 5 strategic aims.

Aims of the Victims Commissioner

1. Expect humane treatment of victims

Work with all criminal justice agencies to ensure that crime victims and witnesses are treated with humanity and decency at all times, to aid their ability to cope and recover from the impact of crime.

2. Champion the Victims’ Code and Witness Charter

Monitor and report on criminal justice agencies’ compliance with the requirements of the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime and the Witness Charter, identifying areas that are deficient and making recommendations based on evidence of best practice.

3. Review services and make recommendations

Review the provision of victim services on the basis of the four principles identified in ‘What Works’, namely: communication, procedural justice, interagency cooperation and professionalisation, and make recommendations on how services should develop and improve.

4. Be the voice of victims

Through regular contact with victims and practitioners of victims’ services, articulate a view of the criminal justice system from the perspective of victims, review and challenge decisions taken by policy makers and those responsible for developing practice.

5. Promote best practice in victims’ services

Through gaining first-hand knowledge and understanding of victims’ services, identify and actively promote examples of best practice and excellence.