The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a government funded scheme designed to compensate victims of violent crime in Great Britain.  CICA administer the Scheme and decide all claims.

The rules of the Scheme and the value of the payments awarded are set by Parliament and are calculated by reference to a tariff of injuries.

Types of Payments and Categories of Victims

The types of payments that can be made under CICA are:

  • Injury payments including both physical and mental injuries
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Special Expenses
  • Bereavement payments (fatal awards)
  • Child’s payments (loss of parental services)
  • Dependency payments (in fatal cases)
  • Funeral Payments
  • Other payments in fatal cases (resultant losses to a child)

There are three categories of victim who may be eligible for an award under the Scheme:

  • direct victims of a crime of violence;
  • those who sustain injury while taking an exceptional and justified risk, while trying to remedy or prevent a crime;
  • or those who sustain injury having witnessed an incident or the immediate aftermath of an incident in which a loved one is injured in either of the two circumstances above.