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BLOG: Without basic access to justice, the integrity of the military is at risk

It’s time to give victims of rape and sexual assault in the armed forces access to independent, civilian support and justice.

New privacy safeguards: rape victims’ mobile phone data to be protected from unjustified intrusion

The Government agrees to amend Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill to protect victim privacy, whilst ensuring fair trial rights.

Rape victims are waiting more than a year for cases to go to trial, making prosecution targets a ‘pipe-dream’

New quarterly Crown Prosecution Service data shows that in the last 12 months just 41 extra suspects were charged compared with the year before.

CPS data shows how far government has to go to meet promises to rape victims

Victims’ Commissioner criticises the CPS as she says "it is hard to see even the green shoots of a recovery" in rape prosecutions.

Rape Review: An extraordinary mea culpa can’t disguise serious compromise

In her 2020/21 Annual Report, Dame Vera Baird reflects on the government's end-to-end rape review.

Rape review: Ministers’ apologies are “welcome,” but action plan has “serious limitations”

"We have to seize this moment if we are to escape this crisis on our justice system," says Victims' Commissioner, as she warns the government has a "mountain to climb" to restore victim confidence in the justice system.

Victims’ Commissioner calls for “major course adjustment” from CPS, as new figures reveal rape prosecutions remain flat

“Far too few rape cases are resulting in a charge and hundreds of complainants annually are being denied justice," says Dame Vera Baird.

Victims’ Commissioner responds to the Court of Appeal judgement

Dame Vera Baird responds to the judgement in the judicial review of the prosecution of rape and serious sexual offences and calls for the government's end-to-end rape review to now deliver "deep and meaningful change".

Victims’ Commissioner responds to Home Office figures showing just 1.5% of rape cases result in a prosecution

"Things must change and they must change soon." Dame Vera Baird calls latest rape statistics “shameful” and says “we cannot go on like this".

Victims’ Commissioner responds to the announcement of £40m to support services for rape and domestic abuse survivors

Dame Vera Baird welcomes renewed investment in ISVAs and IDVAs but stresses the need for long-term, sustainable funding for the sector.