Message to the Victims of the Manchester and London Atrocity

The horror of the Manchester attack coupled with the more recent attack on London Bridge has shocked and appalled us all. Both attacks were against innocent and defenceless people enjoying themselves and presenting no harm to anyone. My heart goes out to the families and friends who have lost loved ones and those who have been injured in either of these despicable terrorist attacks. The fact that so many of the victims are children and young people makes the horror all most too much to bear.

The rallying of the communities in both London and Manchester and the heroic efforts of the emergency services are to be applauded and offer some consolation. The fact that the police were on the scene at London Bridge incident in just a few minutes undoubtedly saved many lives.

It is important that victims and their families receive the emotional support that they need as they struggle with unimaginable grief, trauma and life changing injuries.

For those looking for more information and support I recommend that you use the following government link:



 - Baroness Newlove of Warrington
Victims' Commissioner for England and Wales

The role of the Victims' Commissioner is to promote the interests of victims and witnesses, encourage good practice in their treatment, and regularly review the Code of Practice for Victims which sets out the services victims can expect to receive.

The Commissioner is here to listen to the views of victims and witnesses, understand the criminal justice system from their point of view and try to help improve the services and support available.

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