Baroness Newlove is the Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales.

Appointed in March 2013, her role is to promote the interests of victims and witnesses; encourage good practice in the treatment of victims and witnesses; and keep under review the operation of the Code of Practice for Victims

Baroness Newlove is a North-West based community campaigner and activist. She was given a peerage in the 2010 Dissolution Honours list and sits in the House of Lords as a Conservative, Baroness Newlove of Warrington in the County of Cheshire.

She has campaigned tirelessly for victims since the tragic death of her husband Garry in 2007 and her role as the Government’s Champion for Active Safer Communities saw her work with local people to make communities safer and to find solutions for local problems.

The role of the Victims’ Commissioner operates in accordance with the following principles:

  1. Independence of any political partiality and persuasion;
  2. Inclusivity representing all victims and witnesses, including the most vulnerable members of our community;
  3. Transparency in the way that decisions are made, business is conducted and the office operates; and
  4. Encouraging responsibility through work with all criminal justice and local agencies to ensure the voices of victims and witnesses are heard and that each organisation takes responsibility for victims and witnesses.

You can find out more about the work of the Victims’ Commissioner in her Annual Reports:

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VC_Annual Report 2013 14

The Victims’ Commissioner’s strategy for the remainder of her tenure can be accessed here.