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Claiming compensation

You must claim criminal injuries compensation within two years of reporting the crime. 

Your entitlements

Victims of serious sexual or violent assault can apply for compensation under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

Your entitlements are explained in detail in the Victims’ Code

Our advice

Currently no agency is responsible under the Victims Code for informing victims about the scheme. The expectation is that this falls to police or local victim support services.


If you are unsure whether you are eligible to claim criminal injuries compensation, you can call CICA who can advise you on the rules of the Scheme.


If you are unable to complete the form yourself you can contact the CICA and ask them to complete the form with you. Victim Support and other charities supporting victims can offer emotional support as you go through the application process. These charities may not be able to apply for you, or represent you through your application. You can choose to be represented by a trusted friend or family member who can act on your behalf. If you choose to use a lawyer they can charge a flat fee for their services but most charge up to 25pc of the compensation awarded.

Call CICA if there is a delay your claim

The CICA rules state that you must apply for compensation within 2 years of reporting the crime. This time can be extended in certain circumstances. If you are out of time or if you have been advised by the police or prosecutor not to apply until after the trial, contact CICA and ask for advice. If you then apply for compensation after the deadline try to explain the reasons to CICA.

Monitoring progress in your claim

It can take a long time to get a the decision about compensation. You are unlikely to receive regular updates about the progress of your case or automated acknowledgements if you send in documentation. If you are not sure what what is happening with your application check with CICA.

Asking to review the decision and appealing to the CIC Tribunal

You have the right to ask the CICA to review your compensation decision. This includes the decision to make an award and the amount of compensation offered. CICA will send you details about how you can request a review with the decision letter. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the review you have the right to request an appeal with the CIC Tribunal. You do not have to appoint a lawyer to request a review or for the appeal. If you do appoint a lawyer they can charge up to 25% of the final award.

Guidance on claiming compensation

The victim information site explains:

  • who can claim compensation
  • how to apply
  • how to get help with the forms
  • whether you’re entitled to benefit payments