Victims’ Commissioner for England & Wales, Baroness Newlove has called for a ‘Victims Law’ that guarantees victims, legal ‘rights’ within the criminal justice system. It gives vulnerable victims the support of an independent victims’ advocate.

The proposed law is intended to usher in a seismic change in the criminal justice system. For years, victims complain how the justice system leaves them feeling like bystanders, while others are let down by inadequate support, making it hard for them to move on with their lives.

Baroness Newlove believes: “We have a moral obligation to go the extra mile in supporting victims at every step of their justice journey.”

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The role of the Victims' Commissioner is to promote the interests of victims and witnesses, encourage good practice in their treatment, and regularly review the Code of Practice for Victims which sets out the services victims can expect to receive.

The Commissioner is here to listen to the views of victims and witnesses, understand the criminal justice system from their point of view and try to help improve the services and support available.

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