photo of Dame Vera Baird
Dame Vera Baird

I am honoured to be the Victims’ Commissioner to champion the interests of victims of crime and witnesses.

I am a long-term champion for victims rights. 

For the past four years I have been  the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners’ national lead for  supporting victims. As Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria, where I commissioned victims’ services, I launched a local Victim’s Advisory Group and I’m proud to say that with their help, our service has a 98%  satisfaction rate. 

My first-hand experience of our criminal justice system, as a QC and as a Government Minister, in the MoJ and as a Solicitor General ensures that I can speak directly to partners who matter in a voice that will be heard 

I have already asked for and got  membership of the Criminal Justice Board, where Ministers and heads of criminal justice agencies take key decisions and where they MUST hear from victims.

But I am especially proud to work with victims.

I want to hear first-hand of your experiences, about reality on the ground.

Our justice system only works when it delivers justice to both victim and offender. 

And justice for victims needs their voice to be heard. 

I am the Victims’ Commissioner who is on your side. 

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The Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales:

  • listens to victims and witnesses
  • promotes good practice across criminal justice services
  • reviews the Victims Code and campaigns for change

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1 April 2021

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19 March 2021

ONS survey reveals just one in six female rape victims report to the police

"In a damning sign of a lack of faith in our criminal justice system, 1 in 4 say they did not think they would be believed if they did report and 39% believe the police could not help in any case."