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Empathy for victims

Victims of crime are close to my heart. In August 2007, I became a victim when my husband Garry was fatally attacked by a gang on our family doorstep. Read my story and advice for victims.

Drawing on my family’s experience, I’ve made it my focus to ensure victims are supported in coping with and recovering from the impact of crime. This means making sure people get what they’re entitled to under the Victims Code and are treated with humanity by everyone in the criminal justice system.

Many survivors insist they’re not courageous. They say ‘If I were courageous, I wouldn’t be scared’. Most of us have it mixed up. You don’t start with courage and then face fear – you become courageous because of the fear.

victims’ commissioner, baroness newlove

Safer communities champion

Baroness Helen Newlove speaking on the 'Good Morning Britain' TV programme.

I feel it’s important to speak out on issues such as anti-social crime. As the government’s former Champion for Active Safer Communities I worked with local people to make communities safer and find solutions for grassroots issues, including gangs, addictions and investment in youth services. I was honoured to receive a peerage in 2010 for my campaigning work.

For more on the issues that matter to me you can read my parliamentary contributions.

Victims’ voices

My top priority is making sure victims’ voices are heard. My team meets hundreds of victims each year and their first-hand accounts of the justice system drive our work and priorities.

My motivation for change is fuelled by my meetings with victims up and down the country… their dignity in the face of terrible adversity, never ceases to inspire me.


Campaigning for change

Photograph of HM Government Victims Strategy document.
The Government’s Victims Strategy,
published in 2018

My team consults victims and frontline providers as part of our focussed reviews of service areas, such as complaints handling, restorative justice and the victim personal statement. This allows us to give a voice to victims’ experiences, working with policymakers, and police and crime agencies to improve their treatment.

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