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BLOG: As my survey shows, women are still not getting good treatment in our justice system

As we kick off 16 Days of Activism, Baroness Newlove reacts to fresh survey findings showing women’s low confidence and satisfaction in the criminal justice system.

“Enormous” court backlog takes “tremendous tolls” on victims

The Victims' Commissioner reacts to the latest criminal court statistics, which show "enormous" court backlogs are leaving victims waiting on average 436 days for their case to come to court.

Rape offences recorded by police increase to new annual high

Dame Vera Baird said most worrying was Home Office data showing 30 per cent of victims withdrew reports of rape within three months, suggesting their experience had been so bad and traumatic that they could not go through with the prosecution.

Rape victims are waiting more than a year for cases to go to trial, making prosecution targets a ‘pipe-dream’

New quarterly Crown Prosecution Service data shows that in the last 12 months just 41 extra suspects were charged compared with the year before.

New survey reveals low victim confidence, as Victims’ Commissioner warns victims remain an “afterthought”

Victims are losing faith in the criminal justice system according to a new survey of victims, which suggests less than half of victims would report to the police again based on their experience of the justice system.

Victims’ Commissioner calls for “major course adjustment” from CPS, as new figures reveal rape prosecutions remain flat

“Far too few rape cases are resulting in a charge and hundreds of complainants annually are being denied justice," says Dame Vera Baird.

Victims’ Commissioner responds to Home Office figures showing just 1.5% of rape cases result in a prosecution

"Things must change and they must change soon." Dame Vera Baird calls latest rape statistics “shameful” and says “we cannot go on like this".

Quarterly CPS statistics show a further drop in rape charges despite police referring more cases

Dame Vera Baird says this "continues the disastrous downward trajectory of CPS charging in rape, which started in 2017 and continues to this day."

CPS statistics show a further drop in rape charges despite police referring more cases

Crown Prosecution Service data, issued yesterday, shows a further fall in the number of charges for rape despite police referring more cases to them.